Penis Pumps Review

The most exquisite torture

The Medieval era, stretching from the 5th century to the 15th,  was not a good time to be a religious heretic, a sexual deviant, a rebel, a criminal or even the most petty of thieves. Punishment was nothing short of barbaric, and not only barbaric, but the tortures reveal that men had pondered long and carefully on all the possible forms of suffering. They became consummate masters of the most ingenious and cruel torture implements man has devised. A couple of examples that combined cruel torture with on the job enjoyment for the torturers included:

The Brazen Bull

This was a hollow brass statue crafted to resemble a real bull. Victims we­re placed inside, usually with their tongues cut out first. The door was shut, sealing them in. Fires would then be lit around the bull. As the victim succumbed to the searing heat inside, he would thrash about and scream in agony. The movements and sounds, muted by the bull’s mass, made the apparatus appear alive, the sounds inside like those of a real bull. This brought much amusement to the torturers.

The rack

You might enjoy a good stretch in the morning, but you wouldn’t enjoy this. The victim is tied down while a crank or turning wheel, tightens the ropes, stretching the victim by the hands and feet until the joints are dislocated. Continued pressure could cause the limbs to be torn right off. Such torture was known as being “broken on the rack,” “racked,” or “stretched on the rack.”

For those poor souls who faced such horrors, we dedicate our machine to your memory.

The Autoblow Blast

It’s the antithesis of a torture device.  In fact it’s probably the most pleasurable machine on the planet.

It’s a fully automatic blowjob machine. The lucky recipient applies some lube to his erect member, then to the soft silicone sleeve. He then slides smoothly inside. With a flick of the switch the silver beads ride up and down the full length of the shaft simulating a remarkably authentic deep throat blowjob. The pleasure factor is fully controllable by the flick of the multi-speed controller. The only screams to be heard using this machine are those of sexual ecstasy.

The Bullmaster Magnum, the pump for the really big boys

This penis pump is the equivalent of extreme bodybuilding for pumpers. Some guys just want to inflate themselves to massive proportions, and that is what the Bullmaster Magnum is for.
Until now, pumpers couldn’t control where the bulk developed would go. They would come out pumped up, but not looking the way they intended. The package was round or tubular, and the pumper would have no choice but to wait for some reduction before the appearance became somewhat normal. Even then, the remaining bulk was not evenly distributed. The BullMaster Cylinder introduces contour shaping to the pumping process enabling pumpers to develop both impressive size and shape.

The BullMaster Magnum has a specially designed premium acrylic cylinder that molds your entire package to the perfect shape, every time! Definitely for the advanced pumper, many guys have been working up to the Bullmaster Magnum for a number of years. Just as bodybuilders are obsessed about getting ripped to achieve extreme proportions, pumpers want to achieve extreme proportions for ‘the package’.

The Magnum is the next step up from the standard BullMaster. Its innovative design features a 2.75-inch diameter entrance/exit point by way of a removable seal and a 4-inch diameter “main” cylinder that bubbles out into three pockets, ranging from 5-inch to 6.5-inch diameters. Two tear drop pockets house the scrotum, while the third pocket houses the penis. When pumping to extreme sizes, these teardrop bubbles conforms your entire package to the perfect BullMaster mold.

Compared to the original Bullmaster, the Magnum has longer & wider teardrop pockets from .75 to 1.5 inches in length and .5 to 3.5 inches wider. The diameters of each pocket also increase in size and range from 5 to 6.5 inches in diameter.

So if it’s always been your ambition to grow yourself a set of bull balls, you can set your sights on the Bullmaster Magnum, but you still have some way to go before you are ready for the mighty Magnum.

The Bullmaster Magnum, the pump for the really big boys

The LongJohnny Penis & Scrotum Pump

The LongJohnny is a dual stage penis & scrotum cylinder wrapped up in a single stage body. This is an excellent beginner and intermediate  product for the pumper wishing to grow a prize marrow and two large potatoes.

The cylinder is whopping 4-inches in diameter from top to bottom and fits most intermediate pumped packages. For the base of this cylinder comes a detachable vinyl or optional silicone seal (STJ precision seal) that tapers and restricts the opening of the LongJohnny to 2.75 inches, hence a “dual stage” cylinder in a single stage body!

The detachable base design allows for pumping to huge dimensions without the risk of getting stuck in the tube – a drawback of dual/multi stage cylinders. The seal stretches easily around your entire package for easy entry and most importantly, the exit.

The seal remains comfortable throughout the pump session and is easy to achieve and maintain an airtight seal because of the extra surface area the seal adds to the cylinder. The seal also adds an extra inch to the overall internal length of the cylinder. Since the standard internal length is approx. 9 inches, you actually get 10 inches with the seal attached to the base!

The laser engraved length markings on the outside of the cylinder are in centimeters and inches for ease of reading.  You can watch the growth in real time, furthermore, you can wash the LongJohnny in scalding hot water since these markings will never “peel” off as they do in some sticker rulers!

By special request and a nominal fee, you can even customize the length of the LongJohnny either larger or shorter than the standard 9 inch length! At 4-inches in diameter & a 2.75″ opening, the LongJohnny is a great alternative for pumpers graduating to a dual stage cylinder and beginner pumpers looking for a penis & scrotum cylinder that are willing to spend a little more for years of continual growth.

Penis Pump Party

Many men love penis pumps the way they love barbells, because it builds muscle – in this case, the love muscle. Often there is not even any requirement to grow the penis bigger, they just want to pump it to the max because it’s just gotta be big. The pump also happens to give a real buzz as the vacuum locks in and the blood is pumped up. Here’s our penis pump review designed to give you your very own pumping party.

Quick Draw Pump

The Quick Draw Pump means big results with little effort! The Quick Draw has an easy to use pistol grip that creates a super strong vacuum with just a few quick pulls. The high quality 9”/22.86 cm clear cylinder has a flanged base and precise result measurements in inches and cms, a removable snug latex sleeve, flexible non-crimping hose and a new push button safety release valve.

The Tube

The Tube is intended for use as trainer to achieve bigger erections and enlargement, but it’s also fun to use as a masturbatory aid. Slip the enclosed cock ring over the base of your penis to keep it hard, insert yourself into the solid tube and gently suck out air until you begin to feel the pressure! At this point, turn on the vibrating bullet and let the pump blast you into orbit.

The Terminator

The Terminator offers superior suction with the easy to operate suction pump. It creates a vacuum in the cylinder drawing extra blood into the penis to give you a raging hard on, or if you prefer a sucking masturbator, just turn on the powerful vibrations and pump the bulb while sliding in and out of the soft, ribbed rubber seal. You’ll be back!

P3 Pump

The P3 Pump vacuum cylinder is made from a pliable material giving flexibility and comes with a size reduction ring so it will form a good seal no matter what size you are. Unlike other pumps, the P3 comes with a quick release valve that allows you to remove the pump without losing the vacuum it creates.

Mighty Man Trigger Pump

The Mighty man Trigger Pump from Doc Johnson offers the same simple operation and superior suction that you would expect from a pump costing much more. Features a clear cylinder so you can see the results of your pumping with a soft rubber seal to keep the vacuum inside.

John Holmes Super Pump

The only developer legendary porn stud John Holmes put his name to. This high quality development pump has an easy to use pump that creates an incredibly powerful vacuum. The cylinder features a unique double sleeve that allows it to be filled with water for some interesting sensations. Comes with a free helping of stallion pumper’s™ lube.